Jennifer Key

Jennifer (Franny) Key, Visiting Assistant Professor of English (2008-2011) Returns to SMU to read from her new collection of poetry. Jennifer reads Saturday, March 22 at 2:00. Stop by and welcome her home!


Comely Words to Ear or Eye by Tarfia Faizullah (filmed by Jamaal May)

Tarfia Faizullah’s ” Elegy with Her Red-Tipped Fingers” THE POEM READ in her pleasant voice, filmed by audio engineer/LitFest poet Jammal May Tarfia Faizullah’s “Elegy with Her Red-Tipped Fingers” READ THE POEM with its shapely look and clever lineation In two weeks I’ll cross two oceans wide as the funeral processions to your grave: bearded…


Verse by Kyle McCord

I really enjoy this poem. Now you can too–found at There Was One Tongue and It Was Forgotten I live in a house. My closet: a maze of jars, shoes, a guitar. Two doors down a sign warns, No trespassing. The weeks pass; I go trespassing. Always I feel along the ceiling for cracks.…