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Two Stanzas from Erica Dawson

“The world’s outside. I’m in.” With this final line of the poem “DrugFace”, Erica Dawson concluded her first book. “In The Small Blades Hurt, Erica Dawson picks up where her debut collection, Big-Eyed Afraid, leaves off.” The importance of places–specially American places–is bound to Dawson’s second book, as, “She moves from her border state Maryland…

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Some Leading Lines from May’s Collection

“Pomegranate Means Grenade” Hold a pomegranate in your palm. Imagine ways to split it. Think of the breaking skin as shrapnel. Remember granada means pomegranate and granada means grenade because grenade takes its name from the fruit… “Macrophobia” I love too many women is not the best lead-in for a conversation that will end with…


Jennifer Key

Jennifer (Franny) Key, Visiting Assistant Professor of English (2008-2011) Returns to SMU to read from her new collection of poetry. Jennifer reads Saturday, March 22 at 2:00. Stop by and welcome her home!