Two Stanzas from Erica Dawson

“The world’s outside. I’m in.”

With this final line of the poem “DrugFace”, Erica Dawson concluded her first book. “In The Small Blades Hurt, Erica Dawson picks up where her debut collection, Big-Eyed Afraid, leaves off.”

The importance of places–specially American places–is bound to Dawson’s second book, as, “She moves from her border state Maryland to the true South, the Midwest, and back, delivering poems where a single memory can tangle with America’s collective past.”  Below is an excerpt from the pacesetting poem of The Small Blades Hurt, written with Texas in mind:

From the poem “Layover”

I two-stepped with a cowboy, kissed
A Yankee (wrong), regretted it,
So found my cowboy once again:
The Yankee looking like a young
Paul Newman and the cowboy like
I’ll bed you, hard and hot in jeans.

What was it in the Texas air
That brought Delilah out of me?
Was it the quail and wild hogs?
The BBQ cooked from a cow
That tasted like a slaughtered cow?


“Layover” is one of many in her newest collection.  Be sure to see Erica Dawson at LitFest 2014.


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